Well I want to do something. The Advantages of Joining the Military. I gave up on school probably in 2nd grade. (I'm 16 now so I won't join until like 2 years) But what is the starting pay and other benefits. The Armed Forces offers several benefits as well as some disadvantages to consider. … 5 Pros of Joining U.S. Army 5. The Army colleges are completely different from the other colleges. I'm kind of nervous to speak to my mother about this, but I'll sit down with her and have a talk. Joining the Army Soldiers can serve as a full-time active duty service member, or as a member of the Army Reserve. Free college: If you can’t afford college fees, you can join the army and enjoy free training. Benefits of Joining the Short Service Commission: The Short Service Commission is very lucrative for the youths as they get the honour at a very young age and they just have to work for at least 7 years. Blue collar, white collar, no collar - the jobs you do often reflect your upbringing. I joined the Army at the age of 17 and have been in for 8 1/2 years. In addition to giving you a head start on your career for your commitment, the Army Reserve will take care of you and your family by providing tremendous benefits for part time employment. Joining the army is not for everyone and if you’re thinking of joining, consider these pros and cons before making your final decision. Basic training is fairly intense and demands that your choices are restricted for many weeks. The following is a terrific guest post from Spencer, a captain in the US Air Force, who gives a complete overview of the financial benefits of joining the military. This includes paid vacation time and healthcare coverage. This article provides a great list of reasons why a student might consider postponing their military career to gain a degree first. The other is for those who have never been in the military. The army does provide its recruits with a salary and covers room and board expenses tax free. Bettering a soldier's knowledge is valued in any armed force. I would say if you want to join the Army, make sure you know the reason you are joining for. Joining The Army National Guard. Commissioning with a Previously Earned Degree. For members new to the Army Reserve, the retirement points system can be quite baffling at first, but the guidelines are in fact quite clear. If there's anything you need to know about joining, you'll find all the answers below. A year later it was converted to the Women's Army Corps, a branch of the U.S. Army. If you’re interested in joining visit the Army Reserve website. like what do you get. Joining the Army Your first step to a rewarding role with the Army is the Apply Now button. In 1942, the Women's Army Auxiliary Corps was founded. If you are not already a Roman soldier you will receive citizenship for your service. An Opportunity to Serve Like any branch of the military, there are major pros and cons associated with joining. The Montgomery GI Bill (MGIB) is designed to help soldiers pay for their college education. Job Benefits. You will receive 300 denarii a year. If the jargon is unfamiliar to you, ask a recruiter or an experienced member of the Reserves to talk you through the system. The U.S. Army has accounted for the greatest number of fatalities and wounded in every war, followed by the Marines. In the back of my mind I always kind of wanted to do something like this. One of two categories may apply to those who want to enter the Army National Guard. After a careful review it should hopefully make clear if a life in the U.S. Army is for you. As a soldier in the Army Reserve, you serve your country part-time while still having the freedom to pursue a full-time career or education program. Army Reserve soldiers serve one weekend per month and an additional two weeks each year. According to the CRO report, roughly one-third of active service members served “in theater” – the land, sea, and air area directly involved in war operations – during the Persian Gulf War (Desert Shield and Desert Storm). Since 9/11, the Army National Guard has been called on to not only contribute to its state mission of humanitarian relief and civil security but has also deployed frequently. Is it a militia? I lost 70 pounds over the course of 2 years, going from 260 - 190 Ibs. Related Article: 13 Pros And Cons of Joining The Marines. $#$% grades and I think college is a waste of time. Benefits of the Army. Full-time solders serve on active duty from two to six years. If you haven’t considered joining the military, then treat this article as a primer for some of the benefits which may be available to you if you decide to take that next step. After completing basic training, you are … The Army National Guard is frequently misunderstood by the public. There are many benefits of joining the Roman Army. Joining the Army would require you to be stationed in another part of the world, which is not always pleasing considering you will be far away from your loved ones. I'm 17, and I always wanted to do something like this. Joining the Army will restrict your freedom -- at least for a short time. Financial Benefits. I want to get in shape so I can join. Benefits of Joining the Army: Education. These benefits of joining the military may be enough to persuade you to take the leap. The Army not only wants good soldiers, but smart ones as well. The definiton of the word "benefit" means "something that promotes well being; a useful aid". so really what are the real benefits of joining the Army. Pros: 1. I know I most likely won't die and theres a low chance of seeing real action. Below we list the Benefits of being an Active Duty soldier in the Army, however, a lot of the Army benefits are shared between the reserve, active, and national guard. Veteran officers have two big advantages in the job market: a college degree and proven management experience. Despite the risks, the number of volunteers and people who enlist is anything but dwindling. Speak with a recruiter and consider all of the pros and cons before joining. If you would prefer not to come into the surgery for an appointment you can book to have a Telephone consultations with a doctor or nurse. Much the same as you would get benefits in any civilian job, you get benefits being a member of the Army. What do they do besides fill sandbags for floods? And the benefits can last a lifetime! ARMY RESERVE BENEFITS Part-Time Jobs with Benefits. Job Prospects After Service . Example: don't be a Military policeman if you don't want to become a police officer in the civilian sector. After your 20-25 years of service, you will have your choice of land or 3,000 denarii. Joining the army is one of the honorable things that anyone can do, but the cost of serving your country can be very expensive. I word of advice. Find out more... Telephone consultations. I am very happy that I joined the Army and have very few regrets with it. There are many benefits of joining the army, but below are some of the key benefits of the Army.Benefits of the Army vary depending on whether you’re Active Duty, Reserve, National Guard, etc. In today's society, education is a must. So I'm a $#$%off. Although I do regret not traveling more, I have seen plenty of bad ass places that I never would have been able to afford visiting had I not joined the military. Benefits of Joining the Army With a Bachelor’s Degree. Unfortunately, this can be after a disaster for humanitarian relief, or to kill the locals in a war. Those women provided support to the troops fighting in WWII, which freed men to serve in the combat theaters. The army is one branch of the Military that covers ground and infantry problems. This is one of the more pragmatic benefits of being an army recruiter. The army is by far the largest branch of the military in the United States and accepts almost anybody into service. One is for prior-service military members who want to continue to serve. You are virtually inviting death to your door, prompting him to get to it, soldier! You will miss a lot of occasions with them, and when you do go home on a leave after being away for quite a while from your family and friends, the experience can be awkward, aside from exhilarating. First of all, it is a great job. We offer flexible appointments, with our online services allowing advanced booking and on the day appointments alongside a range of alternative appointments to suit your busy lifestyle. So a while ago I started thinking about the Army. The army provides health benefits that are extremely low cost, as one of their goals is to give you a career and a life path that would be most beneficial to you. I joined because I wanted the challenges but found that there are plenty more things that the army offers. What are the benefits of joining? Who does it answer to? What if you did bad in highschool and don't have a college to go to or a worthwhile job to go to. Even during times of economic growth men and women join the military, in part because of the benefits the military offers, including education, travel, on-the-job training, housing, wages, access to healthcare and retirement benefits. You get to learn the rules and regulations of the Army and how the Army deals with the problems and how they solve each problem in a very accurate manner. The post 9/11 G.I Bill will pay for all your education needs […] Travel is one of the major appeals of joining the Army; Britain still has bases in most of its ex-colonies and joins in exercises with NATO and the UN, so a recruit to the Army has a good chance of seeing a lot of the world. Roman Army: Home Benefits of joining Pride Duties Structure of the army Training and recruitment There are many great perks of being part of our vast forces, and apart from bringing glory to your family for the rest of time you will gain the following perquisites. Discover My Benefits is a free, easy-to-use tool for Service people, their families, and anyone interested in joining the armed forces. One of the big benefits to joining the US Army is that you will … What are the benefits of joining the army straight out of highschool. Benefits of Joining the Army: Introduction: Serving in the military to protect our great nation is an honor and a privilege to those willing to make the many sacrifices in order to do so. Active Duty is similar to working at a full-time civilian job. Appointments. There are many different paths you can take in life. Pick a MOS (job) that can transition from military life to the civilian sector. The South African National Defence Force (SANDF) has four arms of service, namely the SA Army, SA Air Force, SA Navy and SA Military Health Service and offers young, fit and mentally strong citizens the chance to follow a military career by joining the Military Skills Development System (MSDS). Since joining in 2007, I have been lucky enough to be stationed in both Europe and Asia. Benefits of Joining Army War College:-The Benefits of studying at the Army War College is too much. Benefits of joining NCC – How to join NCC. And I'm going for my GED. Though enlisted veterans may also earn degrees, and many are outstanding leaders, it seems a number of major companies are being “vet friendly” by ignoring the enlisted and targeting junior military officers –- lieutenants and captains. Do you live anywhere you want or on a base. I'm smart and I know the truth about the Army. And, in some cases, the benefits offered with a military job are even better than what is offered in the public or private non-military sector. All Army jobs come with full training and development, excellent pay and help with travel and accommodation too.

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