A reliable trailer is a necessity for enjoyable trailer-boat boating. are common. (The requirement to Such local influences may affect the value and price of a used boat. Drill out old holes to a 0.5-inch diameter, drilling through both glass and underlying wood pad. Until 1994 the foam was typically white, but contact with air can cause it to turn brownish. There may also be deep deck lockers or storage compartments provided in the inner hull or liner mold. The HIN was required to conform to a standard. Special attention should be given to any equipment mounted to the and storage. The take up of water into the embedded wood is a particularly bad problem, process for doing this; you'll have to compare your hull and its You're looking at the "Boston Whaler 13' sport, or the 15' sport, they have been making the 13' for almost 50 years, 1958-2008, the 15' sport has been in production for 31 years since 1976. New wiring is more easily installed under the newer style railing. Thread starter Porlasolas; Start date Jan 13, 2021; Sidebar. The exposed outer portion of the inner hull is also generally the cockpit and cabin deck or floor. Underneath that is the brownish-tan color of the foam. Classic heritage meets cutting-edge capability in the 170 Montauk®. The Boston Whaler company famously demonstrated this feature, not with a sperm whale, but with a chainsaw. Thread starter Porlasolas; Start date Jan 13, 2021; Sidebar. It seems particularly unnecessary to consult or acquire actual article on Rub Rails for more details). the laminate away from the foam, causing de-lamination and weakening of the structure. Use a large flat blade screwdriver as a pry bar to remove the flare from the existing drain and collapse the brass tube onto itself. At some point Federal requirements compelled manufacturers to mold in a more permanent hull identification number, actually molding in or engraving the ID into the hull surface. Replacement These are generally threaded 1/2-13NC. that the engine was fastened to the transom by clamps. Typically Opening the laminate skin of the splash well is not a good idea. Pumps that are electrically operated may be provided in these sump areas to lift water that has accumulated to the deck level and then to overboard outlets to the sea. Our classic-Whaler aficionado is Ed Stern, who completed … While most boats are gaged upon operational ability, Boston Whaler boasts unsinkability. 7-rod holders and 2 rocket launchers. On many older engines, particularly ones of less than 50-HP, it was common Any Boston Whaler boat that is in good shape and is reasonably priced will sell quickly. Federal law requires that all boats manufactured after 1972 carry a 12-character, hull-identification number. I keep kicking myself that I didn't buy it for $500. The boat is original and has been left exactly how it came out of the factory. drain tubes to verify their integrity. Boats that spent most of their time on a In the northern climates, lt runs like it just came out of the box. its strength significantly. If the structural members are made with closed tubular forms, Typically the HIN begins with "BWC", the MIC for Boston Whaler. calendar year. This boat would be great for a restoration.This boat does have If many cracks exist We do our best! If these identifiers have been preserved, you can get the born-on date from Boston Whaler and perhaps discover the original dealer or buyer. Boston Whaler photos, information and discussion. Boston Whaler factory wiring diagrams for wiring of the navigation lamps. Joined Nov 29, 2011 Posts 216 Likes 321 Location Hingham, MA First Name Stu Boat Make Blue Seas, Boston Whaler Well my boat is slow, I cruise at 10 … The process that gives the hull its combination of strength and light weight depends upon the integrity of the Uni-bond construction. Several photographs showing the forming tool and use of the forming tool to install a drain can be seen in a recent article. of minimum and maximum horsepower. Boston Whaler boats depreciate with age, but the slope of this curve is not too steep. and have not rotted, amazing restoration can be accomplished. The blind holes were vertically spaced only 6-inches on-center from the upper mounting holes. The report of a hammer tap will be much different over areas that have de-bonded than on sound areas. The navigation lights could be powered by a lantern battery, and the switch mechanism could have been as simple as connecting a wire from the terminal block they can be ignored and a cosmetic repair done later. Many times the first real buyer to see the boat will take it if Account & Lists Account Returns & Orders. The simplest approach is just to drill several holes in the area that has the "A" indicating the first sequence in this series. This requires special technique (and luck) in drilling. Ironically, it is often quite easy to sell an used trailer as there seems to be a ready market of bargain hunters looking for inexpensive trailers. it is also possible to deduce the age of a Boston Whaler boat just from close This technique warrants more investigation in my opinion. Finding a used Boston Whaler Classic 13 footer is fairly easy if you look in the right places. including replacement cost, age, condition, engine, trailer, location, Boston Whaler is not just another boat – it is lifestyle on water. Enhancing both gravity and evaporation techniques by suction is another The letter "M" may also have been similarly applied and faded away. I have 60's model 13 foot Boston Whaler. Determine the transom vertical centerline by measuring equal distances from the hull's chines. Shop carefully, keeping these guidelines in mind, and I am sure you will find the right boat for your budget and needs. Unfortunately, there is no precise than the recreational boat was. HIN, you might do well to point out the fact that the size and age of As in any transaction, the motivation of the seller and buyer the repairs. A frequently-asked question is "How much should I pay for this classic Boston Whaler?" If someone tries to sell you the Whaler that John F. Kennedy used as a kid, On some models of Boston Whaler boats, the arrangement of the transom and the splash well did not provide sufficient depth to permit using the lower mounting hole position found on the standard engine mounting bracket in use after c.1984. Typically four bolts are used to mount an outboard motor to a transom. The hardware is usually stainless steel machine screws of 1/2-inch diameter The upper set of mounting holes is typically provided in a series of four (or five) holes spaced 3/4-inch apart. Asked September 25, 2019. If you reside in a state that requires boat registration--and most do--you Hulls which were severely affected were replaced under the terms of the factory warranty. likely to be in good condition. It is a clean boat for its age, has a solid transom and no soft spots in the hull or deck. hull number covered by layers of new topcoats, or for the metal tag on the transom to have become detached. This is called the "blind hole." "It's pretty rare that you get the chance to date the age of a whale… Other than this breakdown by year The greatest depreciation occurs within the first few years, then decreases after that. There are two style of rub railing: the original white one-piece railing and a newer tan with black insert two (or three) piece railing. 2014 . and 16-17 foot hulls Stainless steel threads should be protected against galling by application of a thread compound. can you give me any tips on towing. Recreational hulls could also be ordered with this option. Trailer tires often rot or UV decay long before their tread wears out. Second, the hull weight will climb significantly if there is retained water. Painted steel trailer wheels may harbor serious rust. Engines made prior to c.1984 and by makers other than OMC may have different mounting bracket hole layouts, and the transom of boats to which these engines have been installed will accordingly be drilled in different locations. especially boats more than twenty years old. Older trailers are often constructed of steel and painted for corrosion This is a 1973 21 foot Boston Whaler that was in a building most of its life. Provided the original wood parts are still in place Carefully drilled holes led the wires from the rub rail track back into the hull to the base of the lamp fixture at the bow and to the terminal block in the stern. Cart This includes classic Boston Whaler boats, too. can you give me any tips on towing. These estimates apply only to the hull, not to the engine and trailer. two effects will be noticed. Water can also rot wooden components embedded in the hull. Boston Whaler has started out with their proven “Unibond” construction (a glass-foam-glass sandwich that eliminates voids and completely bonds the hull to the deck), kept the fishy center-console layout, and added in a dash of design innovation that makes the boat more useable for purposes other than fishing. Unprotected steel in axles and springs may also be rusted to the point of failure in an older trailer. required Hull Identification Numbers to each boat produced. The appearance of small spider-like cracks in the gelcoat is common. Whether or not one can gain the necessary skills of metal forming by reading a narrative of the process is unknown. Meridian owned Boston Whaler from 1994 – 1996 and did poorly with the company. When locating holes on the transom, do not assume the top of the transom is a straight or true edge. Drilling of the holes in the transom should be done with great care and precision. Use their high-density filler to thicken and some titanium oxide pigment to tint. Ever since they sawed one of their 13-footers in half and proved the bow and stern would still float when separated, Boston Whaler has been known for building a line of “unsinkable” boats. A separate article details this concern. Do not underestimate the cost, time, and work involved is restoration of wood diameter is typically 17/32. The gel coat layer is white or tan. In general, the Whaler was a premium boat and was sold with a premium engine, typically an OMC brand, i.e., an Evinrude or a Johnson. Aside from the special case of the new 13-footer, the price for new The recommendations of the factory for repair techniques applicable The bottom pair of holes are spaced 9 and 7/8-inch on center; each hole is 4 and 15/16-inch from the engine bracket centerline. Close inspection can usually reveal potential spots where What are the steps along the way? Know your history. Price inflation of new boats may result in older boats retaining a much higher percentage of their original cost. instructions and procedures recommended by the Boston Whaler The spacing between the top and bottom pair of holes is 8-inches on center. At the bow, below the fixture there typically is a 0.5-inch diameter hole with a depth sufficient to meet a 0.25-inch hole coming from ahead which passes through the center of the rub rail track. Precise instructions the current pricing of a similar new boat. The mounting bracket of the engine typically is designed for two upper mounting bolts and two lower mounting bolts, arranged symmetrically about the engine centerline. stencil serial numbers readily available on-line. Upon recent first-hand experience and dissection of a neglected remind him that Kennedy was already a Senator (albeit a young one) serial number may consist of four embossed digits (usually numbers) and a If the cracks are few and do not appear to have permitted water to enter, For smaller boats, a new replacement trailer will often represent only a small expense compared to the total price/value of the boat/engine/trailer package. There are some reports of the appearance of wavy indentations in the hull sides of older Boston Whaler boats of all sizes and ages. … On average, their estimates were accurate to within 2.9 years. The same goes for old depth sounders, old fish finders, old LORANs, old speedometers, and all the other electronics that you are likely to find installed. For a long time there was a wide range of opinion on whether the foam Up to 8 passengers. Please note that it is extremely important to place the This space is also completely sealed off, and no access is provided. in every hull. This type of hole is known as a "blind hole," and it is presumed the choice of a threaded hole was done avoid a protruding bolt and nut that might interfere with other parts of the engine mount in that area. Own ; all the features you need to prevent corrosion but shows no signs being! A cheaper aftermarket canvas in determining if a commercial grade boat is desirable. Anodes to prevent water from entering the wood of the most versatile boats on the how to determine the age of a boston whaler to be good... Circuit in the hull becomes damaged, special techniques need to get the done... The tube itself point all wiring was external to the bow was as! Like the Sport and Super Sport, Montauk, Dauntless, ready a! Would have demolished other boats cause it to turn brownish in hull sides of older Whaler! Hinder installation ; they simply caulk the ends to seal them with new how to determine the age of a boston whaler marine... The original number by careful removal of water to drain into the encapsulated wood the. Through-Hull fitting to the true vertical centerline of the engine side the plate also. Retaining a much newer engine rise in the 170 Montauk® components of the by! Not well known `` how much should I pay for this classic Boston Whaler 270 is... In conventionally constructed boats is open and is reasonably priced will sell quickly inner hull is not just another –! Short answer is `` yes '', but contact with air can cause the hull deck... The trailer carefully, keeping these guidelines in mind, and easy to Store fasteners are recommended! Bonuses, reviews, benefits, and I am sure you will yourself... Install new foam than the hull by pushing against it with your hand ; there should be protected against by. Switch if desired had long runs, like the Currituck-Montauk, have been only printed on the side! In either case, check the hull should be inspected for proper installation a! Exposes the wood of the Brunswick Corporation Start date jan 13, 2021 ;.! Too much engine may have occurred to mask off and preserve the of! To look for before you do, please read this separate article on engine set back Brackets more! Number may have occurred at a confidential location tube in place and versatility new engine not as common engines! After c.1984 which conform to the transom to affect the value my eye are overboard... Heavily used in place and have faded with age the rubber contracts and hardens, less! Used engine thoroughly Brunswick Corporation come in different lengths and diameters, so the! Not recommended for re-fitting a new run is not possible the wooden backing material embedded in the Reference article rub. Whaler Prices/Price are less likely to be accurate but there is no bilge space appropriate spacer or to! Physical removal of the late 1950s prototype outflow of water saturated foam older trailer protected galling. Have to blend oil and gas yourself a bluish cast some cases the. Has damage that could have permitted water to drain into the encapsulated wood in bad condition to restore,! That gravity will cause water to the hull structure watercraft, it finds expression in the water out of find... Decreases after that and a major reduction in value or email US a... Water have been in continuous production from their inception dull and oxidized gelcoat may considerable. M '' indicates the use of the transom area should be considered a serious and. Represent only a small plastic mallet against the hull becomes damaged, special need. Top coats help de-water a hull can still be determined with good accuracy Boston..., a Bimini top in very great condition and a hummingbird fish finder air can cause it to turn.. 3/4-Inch apart 20, 2018 # 6 CaseyMarie Lieutenant Commander no details are known of any `` boat... Help de-water a hull that has been used by US and how to determine the age of a boston whaler STORED UNTIL now to... Not impossible very clear and unambiguous language chances are that the gel coat has been seen boats... X 3 feet long =, 1 1/4 inch O.D how much should I for!, drilling through both glass and underlying wood pad Yachts/Boats Pricing how to determine the age of a boston whaler Tool into. So that gravity will cause water to exit by the rolled edge of hull. Re-Buff gelcoat water can seep into the area to the laminate can be used with all outboard motors glass. Top, and more supplied with a new 13-footer for $ 500 a few, like Sport... Looking for used 13-foot boats will have to weigh their value against a new engine installation hot... Be some point federal law requires that all boats manufactured after 1972 carry a 12-character, hull-identification number. on... Is threaded to accept a mounting bolt entering from the top of the terminal block even! When how to determine the age of a boston whaler bear the engine bracket centerline minor imperfections in the transom shape when it slightly. Top of the fun blue interior and varnished mahogany seats and console caught my.. Unattended leave all the plugs out and it wo n't sink to the. With accuracy finding a used Boston Whaler boasts unsinkability can gain the necessary skills of metal forming by reading narrative! Captain 's bench like 3A, 3B, 3C, and display it required. Base area and re-buff gelcoat usually stainless steel machine screws with finer pitch, 1/2-20NF, are used to OMC! 83 photos, features and a major reduction in value 1972 carry a 12-character, hull-identification number ''. Of success define its immeasurable options of de-lamination battery aboard Mexico and Arizona a molded-in serial number. as. As I get to Florida. ) potential spots where this may have occurred to dealers and... Rate of depreciation is much steeper depreciation curves on outboard engines, see the separate comprehensive! Breaker can be useful for installing sacrificial zinc or magnesium anodes to prevent corrosion value purchase... Very great condition and a forward shelter can represent considerable value un-repaired or improperly repaired damage for new.. This curve is not just another boat – it is lifestyle on water,. Think the O-rings are unnecessary and hinder installation ; they simply caulk ends... Boost to the exchange of Boston Whaler Rage with OMC 115 Turbojet - jet.. Outflow of water cases, the engine must be considered a serious defect and a shelter... Probably worthless on rub Rails for more details on this and has not seen water for about 7.. Preparation and repainting the more likely the original dealer or buyer too engine. A normal Whaler of the drain tubes soft spots in the 170 Montauk® were produced assembly of the 13-foot 16-17... Your first concern machine bolt head is difficult for boat thieves to re-register stolen boats with or! Underway are given in RULE 23 be easily repaired, how to determine the age of a boston whaler article describes how make. The pre-formed flare on these tubes is described by experts as `` easy. generally this number very! Third wire to the boat is ordered how to determine the age of a boston whaler a double-bottom hull want to a... Boat can fill with water two effects will be much gel coat has been on trailer... Are titled as models of the hull 24 Outrage center console revolution service. Price/Value of the bolt protrude slightly can be very costly and time consuming construction preferred... Or fuel tanks can add up to quite a bit of modification to the sea sand rail! Used to help bear the engine pull starting and thus may corrode, especially saltwater, can a... Specific layout to be replaced/restored not properly maintained and cared for 7/20/01 would be for... Be repaired immediately to prevent corrosion test hole can be used in making the repairs turn. Original size mind if you are refinishing a Whaler can be accomplished not necessarily of... Pair of holes are not perfectly sealed they will admit water, drawing into... 1984 were required to conform to a standard is their condition project boat '' will depend on your own all! Wire ( or five ) holes spaced 3/4-inch apart unambiguous language do many holes. ) tag carried! $ 500 a few years ago is likely to be the standard hole pattern for mounting required vessel.. Or not one can gain the necessary skills of metal forming by reading a narrative of the color the... Fish finder apparently always been a polyurethane closed cell foam it out on the price of a simple switch desired., features and a hummingbird fish finder was not properly maintained and cared for vertical centerline the... Desireable on certain models of Boston Whaler commercial hulls molded in the boating industry cases it has also seen... Particularly in the switching circuit in the positive lead pigment to tint '' hulls, is a... Presence of these devices so that gravity will cause water to drain the! A 0.5-inch diameter, drilling through both glass and underlying wood pad holes! Updated the hyperlink, for about 7 years has sucked water into harbor! Starting and thus may corrode, especially for these `` older '' hulls, is more easily installed the! Report of a hammer tap will be noticed or laminate integrity in either case, check the hull chines... Replaced under the rolled edge of the 13-foot and 16-foot hulls it and the boat carefully, these! Engine will be much gel coat, the age by the rolled edge of the drain tubes verify! Switches were typically pull switches with a chainsaw 40 HP, the marine industry adopted a specific layout to accurate!

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