Islamist fighters desert Mali’s ancient Saharan city of Timbuktu as French and Malian troops re-take it. Hunting them down in hostile terrain will fall to Malian, African and likely French forces. It was rough, he says. “The UK national security adviser is in Paris today for discussions with French authorities on what further assistance we may be able to provide to them with regard to Mali.”, Brexit: UK prepares to leave EU trading rules at 11pm, Hospitality firms fear for future as three quarters of England under toughest Covid rules, Teaching unions accuse government of ‘last-minute mess’ over England’s delayed school reopenings, Scaling up of vaccinations ‘huge logistic challenge’ – Dr Katrina Pollock, ‘We’re in real trouble now and if people decide to have one last fling, it might be their last’ – intensive care doctor. I'm Renee Montagne. Fighters from the Islamist alliance in north Mali, which groups AQIM with Malian Islamist group Ansar Dine and AQIM splinter MUJWA, destroyed ancient shrines sacred to moderate Sufi Muslims, provoking international outrage. This was a huge burden for Halle Ousmane, Mayor of Timbuktu. The Islamists rule included amputations and the destroyed ancient tombs. There is no other evidence but the word of the mayor. He tells me that the liberation of Timbuktu - a U.N. World Heritage site - is bittersweet. The building housed more than 20,000 scholarly manuscripts, some in underground vaults. The Islamists treated people badly. On Monday, the exiled mayor of Timbuktu, Hallé Ousmane Cissé, excited the ire of people around the world when he told journalists the Ahmed … Timbuktu is now a ghost town Halle Ousmane Cisse, Timbuktu's mayor. He … French and Malian armoured columns forced fighters out of the central Malian towns of Diabaly and Douentza last week, and in recent days have inched their way northward. Malian forces backed by French paratroopers and helicopters took control of Timbuktu’s airport and the roads leading to the town in an overnight operation. M. Abderrahmane Ben Essayouti. "This is terrible news," he told … The terrorist groups are carrying out a strategy of evasion and some of them could return in the northLaurent Fabius. That's no life, he says, adding that the Islamists were trying to impose their warped will on the people of Timbuktu. The mayor of Timbuktu, Hallè Ousmane, based around 800 km away, in Bamako, was quoted in various media reports that a library building and manuscripts were torched by fleeing rebels. NPR's Ofeibea Quist-Arcton has been talking with the mayor of Timbuktu. They're my history. The reconstruction of these mausoleums helps us forget those moments of desolation,” said the mayor of Timbuktu Halle Ousmane. It appears many jihadis have melted away in the vast expanse of Sahara Desert sands and dunes. Geschicht. QUIST-ARCTON: No music, no dancing, no watching television or listening to the news, no freedom. While French military intervention expelled the extremists and restored Timbuktu’s mayor, Hallé Ousmane Cissé, sporadic violence continues to … Long live the Malian army. The city was founded by Tuareg nomads in the 12th century and became a vital trading route for salt and gold; its remoteness from European explorers made the name Timbuktu synonymous with remoteness. QUIST-ARCTON: Halle Ousmane Cisse spent almost the entire eight to nine months of rebel occupation in Timbuktu. They're close to my heart, and they belong to the whole world. Copyright © 2013 NPR. The town’s mayor was not able to confirm how much of the library building had been damaged but French and Malian troops are now securing the city. OFEIBEA QUIST-ARCTON, BYLINE: The mayor of Timbuktu, Halle Ousmane Cisse, is busy fielding calls of concern and congratulations from all over the world. Long live France, she says. However, there are … The library was named after a Timbuktu-born contemporary of William Shakespeare. It's MORNING EDITION, from NPR News. Timbuktu worr dat eerste Mol … “The rebels set fire to the newly-constructed Ahmed Baba Institute built by the South Africans … this happened four days ago,” Halle Ousmane stated. The mayor of Timbuktu says there's nothing as important as freedom. “The youths are marching, they are taking up arms, they are using whatever weapons they can find,” said Halle Ousmane Cisse, the mayor of Timbuktu. The PM’s official spokesman said today”The French president gave an update on the progress that French and Malian forces have been making and also thanked the prime minister for the UK transport assistance. The entire city of Timbuktu is listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. He tells me a young man was shot dead in the street over the weekend, simply for saying Vive La France, for France's military intervention in Mali. QUIST-ARCTON: Halle Ousmane Cisse spent almost the entire eight to nine months of rebel occupation in Timbuktu. "The ancient books of geography and science. ... M. Hallé Ousmane. The Islamists treated people badly. That morning, the mayor of Timbuktu, Halle Ousmane Cissé, told journalists that … Mayor Halle Ousmane Cisse told us of his traumatized neighbors. "They torched all the important ancient manuscripts," the mayor, Hallé Ousmane Cissé, told The Associated Press. Hallé Ousmane: Độ cao: 261 m (856 ft) Dân số (2009) ... Các bộ lạc khác nhau cai trị Timbuktu cho đến khi người Pháp tiếp quản vào năm 1893, tình trạng kéo dài cho đến khi nó trở thành một phần của Cộng hòa Mali hiện tại vào năm 1960. Since the … LONDON — On Jan. 28, 2013, news broke of an epic cultural catastrophe. They had to wear veils. QUIST-ARCTON: Cradling her four-year-old granddaughter, one of 28 displaced family members, Attina Welat Ahmed yelps with delight when she talks about the liberation of Timbuktu. Mr Cameron said the UK was ready to offer logistical, intelligence and surveillance help to France, along with troops for a proposed EU mission to train the Malian army but has ruled out a combat role for British forces. In the West African nation of Mali, residents of Timbuktu were cheering in the streets Monday, after the city was liberated by French and Malian forces after months under the harsh rule of Islamist fighters. People seemed to have forgotten about us.” By the end of January, Malian and French troops arrived and drove out the terrorists. Timbuktu. It was rough, he says. Islamists had occupied the trading town since a Tuareg-led rebellion captured it on April 1 last year from government forces.The Islamists destroyed mausoleums in the city, that is listed as a Unesco world heritage site. Visit our website terms of use and permissions pages at for further information. Tombouctou) is ene Oasenstadt in Mali mit 54.453 Inwahners (Zensus 2009). Islamist militants set fire to a South African-funded library in Timbuktu that contained thousands of priceless manuscripts, the city’s mayor, Halle Ousmane, revealed. 06 Tombouctou, République de Mali +223 21 92 12 12 Ia dijadikan petempatan tetap seawal abad ke-12 di mana ia makmur hasil perdagangan garam, gading, hamba abdi dan emas.Ia menjadi sebahagian daripada Empayar Mali seawal kurun ke-14 namun … A group of 200 French paratroopers were dropped north of the town to stop fighters fleeing in that direction. The Ahmed Baba Institute was one of several libraries and collections in the city containing ancient documents dating back to the 13th century. Timbuktu’s mayor Halle Ousmane is concerned about the city’s future. The troops searched through Timbuktu for Islamist rebel fighters this morning after surrounding the ancient Saharan trading town in a lightning offensive. Timbuktu's mayor, Hallé Ousmane Cissé, who was living in Bamako, told journalists the manuscripts had all been burnt. Timbuktu was the centre of Islamic learning from the 13th until the 17th century, with shrines to Islamic saints that are revered by Sufi Muslims but are condemned by the Salafists of Ansar Dine. MAYOR HALLE OUSMANE CISSE: (Foreign language spoken). David Cameron told French President Francois Hollande that Britain was keen to help the military operation; the RAF has already provided two heavy-lift C17 transport planes and a surveillance aircraft to assist the operation. It ended with the burning of a library housing priceless manuscripts. QUIST-ARCTON: The mayor tells me, sorrowfully: These priceless manuscripts are my identity. Timbuktu (/ ˌ t ɪ m b ʌ k ˈ t uː /) (Mga wikang Berber: ⵜⵏⴱⴾⵜⵓ, ⵜⵉⵏⴱⵓⴽⵜⵓ; Pranses: Tombouctou; Koyra Chiini: Tumbutu) ay isang sinaunang lungsod sa Mali, na nakatayo sa 20 kilometro (12 milya) hilaga ng Ilog Niger.Ang bayang ito ay kabisera ng Rehiyon ng Timbuktu, isa sa walong administratibong rehiyon ng Mali.Ito ay may populasyon na 54,453 sa senso noong 2009. Grad leži oko 15 km sjeverno od rijeke Niger na južnom kraju Sahare.Timbuktu je glavni grad istoimene pokrajine Timbuktu koja je najveća od osam administrativnih pokrajina Malija (497.926 km²). Registration Year. Accuracy and availability may vary. In its maximum splendour, between the 15 th and 16 th century, Timbuktu was home to 180 schools and universities, hosting thousands of students from all over the … Women were frightened. Mayor Ousmane Halle … ATTINA WELAT AHMED: (Foreign language spoken). French and Malian troops met no resistance as they reclaimed control of the city, entering Timbuktu proper yesterday to the delight of residents. Trade and culture. Timbuktu (ˡtɪmbʊktʰuː, francuski: Tombouctou), grad - oaza u zapadnoafričkoj državi Mali s 32.414 stanovnika. The mayor of Timbuktu, Hallè Ousmane, based around 800 km away, in Bamako, was quoted in various media reports that a library building and manuscripts were torched by fleeing rebels. 1988 Historical function. The Hamalek family, from the nomadic Tuareg ethnic group, left Timbuktu in a hurry many months ago. Just before the Franco-Malian recapture or liberation of Timbuktu after 10 months of rebel occupation, the mayor of the city, Hallè Ousmane, reported from his … “The terrorist groups are carrying out a strategy of evasion and some of them could return in the north, primarily in Mali,” he added. France, the UN, can send all the means in the world. Se liggt nördossen vun de Massina un nörden vun'n Stroom Niger, wo Kabara, de Haven vun de Stadt, liggt. NPR transcripts are created on a rush deadline by Verb8tm, Inc., an NPR contractor, and produced using a proprietary transcription process developed with NPR. This text may not be in its final form and may be updated or revised in the future. French Foreign Minister, Laurent Fabius, said “little by little, Mali is being liberated” but warned that armed fighters are now hiding and could reappear. QUIST-ARCTON: The thousands of people who were forced to flee their historic city on the banks of the River Niger are looking forward to going home. QUIST-ARCTON: Sweet, because he can go home to Timbuktu, but tinged with sadness because of reports that al-Qaida-linked Islamist militants set fire to the Ahmad Baba Institute and other buildings, home to ancient texts dating back as far as the 13th century.

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